Our Services

Over the years, private label manufacturing has become an integral part of our core business. Thanks to our automated facility and flexibility, we can custom blend a wide variety of concentrates for use in animal feed upon your specification, such as :

  • skim milk replacers,
  • feed concentrates,
  • calf milk replacer,
  • toxin binders,
  • .....

Ingredient use

We have the ability to use your ingredients or source the ingredients for you.


Private label production is a key part of our business, and we are thus set up to respond maximally to our customers' requests, also when it comes to packaging.

We can use your bags or have bags designed specifically for you. We have the ability to print your labels according to your specification.

Feed product handling

For the European domestic market, we offer the following handling and repackaging operations :

  • from bulk to 25 kg bags or big bags
  • from big bags to bulk or 25 kg bags
  • from 25 kg bags to bulk or to big bags

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