About Mondial Nutrition

Throughout the years, we have continuously invested in optimizing our facilities and operating procedures while expanding our capabilities and service offering.

Today, we dispose of a sophisticated plant, directly attached to our office and lab facilities.

Plant & Offices

  • 400 m² offices
  • 3.500 m² of warehouse for storage of raw materials, finished products and packaging materials
  • 4 loading docks
  • silo storage: capacity of 1.000 ton in 23 different cells for dry products
  • multiple mixing and bagging unit
  • micronising plant for vegetable protein sources
  • 60 tons weighing scale
  • laboratory equipped with NIR (Near Infra Red) analyser etc.

Quality system

Mondial Nutrition has implemented the GMP+ FSA quality system, including HACCP principles, and is further controlled by

  • the NVWA : Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority, which is an independent agency in the Ministry of Economic Affairs

Our registration number is αNL 14800.

Our quality system guarantees:

  • complete traceability with up– and downstream tracking and tracing of the used lots
  • sampling and checking of the raw materials at arrival
  • sampling during production and of the finished goods
  • checking of conformity of the specifications of the produced goods with the product specification

All tests are performed in our own laboratory or in accredited external labs.

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